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The History of Creating the Modern Universe

Looking back to the beginning of the universe compared to the vast, unfathomable expanse that is has become, is it truly baffling to understand how an event like the big bang can create such a large and lasting effect. At the very beginning, the universe underwent an unbelievable rate of expansion, growing from microscopic levels to the size of the a golf within the matter of microseconds. This brings the idea of the expansion of the universe down to a smaller, more tangible level.

Image result for the big bang
A visual representation of the expansion of the universe – check out the link here

Following the initial inflation of the universe, extreme temperatures made it impossible for light to shine, and the dark ages began. The universe existed in complete darkness for nearly 400,000 years. The evolution of the universe has undergone extreme transitions since its creation. A once lifeless, dark entity eventually became the system full of complex molecules that we know today.


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